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MOTIVASI JUTAWAN: 3 Tips berkesan untuk berfikir sebagai seorang JUTAWAN

Adakah minda dan pemikiran anda bersedia untuk menerima kejayaan yg melimpah-limpah?

Sepertimana yg kita tahu,corak dan cara pemikiran kita mempengaruhi emosi dan perlakuan kita.

Untuk meletakkan diri anda sebagai seorang yg berjaya, anda perlu berfikir seperti orang berjaya berfikir.

Adakah orang yg berjaya menganggap setiap kegagalan hidup mereka adalah disebabkan mereka adalah mangsa keadaan?

Adakah orang yg berjaya sentiasa mempunyai pemikiran negatif dan selalu memberi alasan?

Adakah orang yg berhaya sentiasa membiarkan diri mereka terdedah dengan pengaruh dan suasana negatif?

Saya memperolehi artikel ini daripada Mohamed Tohami penulis buku "The Pharaohs' Code: Creating a Joyful Life and a Lasting Legacy.

Artikel ini dalam bahasa inggeris dan saya bercadang untuk tidak mengalihbahasakan artikel ini supaya anda mendapat bahan yg masih asli dan mentah. so...enjoy!!!

This leads me to the point that, to be highly successful you must start thinking like successful people do. You must start thinking like a MILLIONAIRE!

Here are 3 powerful tips to help you start thinking like a millionaire:

1. Take 100% Responsibility

Whatever your situation is and environment you are in, no body can change your life except YOU.

Don't expect that someone will come and ask you to let him change your life for the better and make you the most successful person in the world.


And even if it happened, you will fail as soon as this 'ANGEL' leaves you. That is simply because you didn't do it yourself. You didn't learn how to become successful.

So, the only way to change and build a successful life is to take 100% responsibility of each and everything that is happening in your life.

Be in charge of your life.


2. Master Your Attitude

The way you think highly affects the way you act. To act powerfully, you must think powerfully. You must learn how to control your thoughts.

There is a study that shows that 85% of our self talks are negative. Don't ever think that you are going to be successful, if you have a rate that is close to that one.

Your thoughts shape your reality. So, you must choose your thoughts carefully.

The best thing I know that can help you master your attitude is to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

The right question directs your mind to think of the right answer.

For example, instead of asking yourself: "Why is this happening to me?", ask yourself: "How can I benefit from this opportunity?" or "What lesson can I learn from this challenge?"

Asking the right question will open the door to developing a laser focused, positive and powerful mindset.

Choose your thoughts carefully, and use the power of questions to master your attitude.

3. Search for Mentors and Build Strong Networks

Learn from successful people around you. Study their life carefully. See how they act and learn how they think.

Search for mentors who can help you get yourself on the right track. One advice from a successful person can change your life forever.

I have lots of mentors in my life. Each one taught me something that was a turning point in my life.

I can't stress enough on the benefits of having mentors.

In short, I would say that mentors help you shorten the learning curve, take giant steps forward and step above the average people.

Also, you need a powerful network of honest friends and significant figures around you to help and give you support and honest advice whenever you need it.

Start now looking for the important people in your life and think of ways to increase your relationship with them. And don't forget to think win-win. Give first and then you will receive.

Follow the MASTER MIND principle. Build a team around you of people who have the same purpose as yours. Meet with your team regularly to share ideas, support each other, and hold each other accountable.

Surround yourself by positive, successful people and honest friends. Search for mentors and learn from successful people as much as you can.

The truth might hurt, but you can't become successful unless you think the right way. Follow the above tips and start thinking like a millionaire NOW!

Don't wait for the perfect time because it will never happen.

Be responsible.

Master your attitude.

Search for Mentors and Build Strong Networks.

My friend, you can make a difference.

I believe in you.

Salam Jutawan dari saya

Haizal Ramdzan

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